LockDown is a handy program for use on Windows 95, 98, and Me (although it works under Windows NT, XP, 2000, and 2003 too) to reproduce the Lock Workstation feature of Windows NT, XP, 2000, and 2003. Upon locking the workstation, the keyboard and mouse are completely blocked from sending a response to running programs. While under Windows NT, XP, 2000, and 2003 it is still possible to CTRL+ALT+DEL, even viewing the Task List won’t help stop LockDown — a computer reset is the only other way to unlock the computer than entering the correct password. With auto-start options, this handy tool provides added security for any Windows user.


  • Auto-lock feature (/autolock command-line parameter) permits locking on startup.
  • Compact and easy to configure.
  • Extremely high 128-bit password encryption makes it impossible to view or modify passwords outside of the LockDown configuration window.
  • Low-level kernel hooking of mouse and keyboard blocks input to all programs, preventing Windows cool switch (ALT+TAB) and window selection.
  • Quick locking at a keystroke (Win+L).
  • Three different locking options make it possible to block out screen contents while the computer is locked.


Limitations On Use:
This download is freeware. All features of this program are available for all to use freely.

We maintain no liability for the use or misuse of this program in any situation. If it blows up your computer, gets you fired, or gets you grounded — it’s your fault.