Better Memory Meter

Better Memory Meter is a system tray utility that reports what percentage of free memory your computer has remained at a glance. Memory Meter at installs spyware (TVMD.EXE) in your Windows directory every time you run it, close it, or uninstall it. In response, we have created this clean alternative that does everything Memory Meter does.


  • Easy-to-read system tray display.
  • Great for knowing at a glance what your general free physical memory percentage is
  • Lightweight design — no clunky interface.
  • Low memory consumption: does not use excessive resources while displaying different icons like Memory Meter does.
  • No spyware/adware/virii at all. The original Memory Meter installs hidden files that are difficult to remove and that are identified by anti-adware/spyware programs as a privacy attack!
  • NEW: works for more than 4,096 MB of RAM now
  • NEW: extended tooltip information
  • NEW: re-designed status icons, more informative ranges
  • NEW: new installer engine (much smaller size, better deployment options)

Limitations On Use:

This download is freeware. All features of this program are available for all to use freely.


We maintain no liability or warantee for the use of this program in any situation.


Click here to download Better Memory Meter version 1.10 (319 KB).