Exhibition Games

Attract People to Your Stand with These 5 Games

Exhibition stands, which can be a kiosk or a pop-up tent, used for providing the shade at exhibitions, are vital tools for expositions and trade shows. A carefully planned and eye-catching stand is a sure way to ensure engagement in your booth and give you an edge over your competition.

When trying to generate an audience at your exhibition stand, you need to create an enabling environment for interaction with your potential clients and ensure they stay longer and engage with members of your team.

After creating that beautiful exhibition stand, you’ve got to go the extra mile and introduce new ideas to ensure many people head over to your booth, and that’s where games come in. Technology has made it easier to create all sorts of games that’ll excite your potential clients, help your brand leave a good impression, and generate leads for your business.

There are several other ways to attract and keep people at your booth, but using games trumps them all. Exhibition stand games get your brand noticed and are designed with the players in mind, and the ultimate goal is lead generation. Here are some games to try out and draw in a massive crowd to your stand

1.  VR/ AR Games

Incorporating VR and AR games into your exhibition can be unique for your potential client to interact with your brand and enhance their experience while attending that trade fair.

New Virtual and Augmented reality games are continually being released, and there are several themes you can choose. You can now take them anywhere in the world through these games, but first, you’ve to find the game that suits your target audience, or you can create your own based on your brand and the exhibition products and theme.

You can use an augmented reality game of treasure hunt and hide clues in different places along the way. It’s best to use graphics to direct them to the treasure room, prize, or giveaway.

2.  Prize Wheel Games

The prize wheel game, also known as the wheel of fortune games, is one of the most popular games on exhibitions. It’s eye-catching, well known, and likable, and it’s great at engaging a potential client long enough to strike up a discussion and make them develop an interest in your business.

One of the advantages of the wheel of fortune game is that everybody can win. It’s best if you offer maybe some big prizes, medium prizes, and lots of smaller prizes to ensure everyone wins and while leaving your stands, has a token from the game to remember your business by.

You should go for a virtual wheel of fortune, especially if your exhibition stand is smaller. The benefits far exceed using the physical prize wheel as it’ll save space for you and help you manage your prize inventory and distribution of prize levels and help capture leads in a form for easy follow-up after the fair.

3.  Arcade Games

The arcade game is one of the best games you can use to make your booth stand out and draw the crowd away from your competitors stand. It’s available for people of all age brackets. You’ve to ensure you create an arcade game that matches your brand and products.

Decide on creating a leader board to show the highest scores and attract more people to play to beat that score or create a friendly and competitive atmosphere by holding a one-on-one competition between participants.

4.  Puzzle Games

Interactive puzzles, games, and trivia are also well likable games in trade fairs. This game promises to engage and keep your visitors very busy, which translates to them staying longer in your stand. It challenges and tasks their brain and engages them long enough to allow you to convert them over as customers.

You can set up a puzzle game, hide some questions and answers around the booth, and request the participants’ piece it together. Whoever gathers the parts of the puzzle together wins a prize; this motivates and encourages participation.

5.  Jumbo Games

These games will encourage visitors to flock to your stand. You can host a chessboard competition or incorporate a Jenga set. These games will keep the visitors entertained enough to allow you to get their information. You’ve to set down the rules of the game and double-check to ensure all game pieces are intact.


Games set you apart from your competitions during exhibitions, keeps your visitors busy enough for you to engage and convert them over to customers or potential customers. It also gives your show stand an eye-catching appeal and makes it attention-grabbing. Ensure you tailor your game to match your audience and try to generate as much lead as possible as people are busy enjoying the games. Next time you are planning an exhibition, contact a professional to help you create a game that’ll be tailored to your brand and product plus the exhibition theme.