Top Apps for Construction Work

Whether you are a contractor or a carpenter, apps can help you keep your work organized, communicate with other professionals, meet deadlines, and use resources economically.

You do not have to pay a hefty subscription fee for an app when you can find a free app on the App Store or Google Playstore. Again, the app does not have to show you how to construct necessarily – it can be any other app that helps professionals stay organized. Such apps can help you write invoices better or create your plans online before printing.

Below are free apps you can get today.

  1. All-In-One Calculator

This is a free app on Google Playstore that carries out construction-related calculations. It is ideal for unit and currency conversations, percentages, areas, proportions, and volumes. As an all-in-one calculator, it features 75 calculators and unit converters altogether.

If you use an iPhone, you can use Carpenter’s Helper Lite to carry out the calculations. The app is more advanced and allows you to calculate roof pitch, stair lengths, and rafter lengths. It also has a feature that helps you calculate flooring, painting, drywall, and fencing. 

  • PlanGrid

PlanGrid is available on both App Store and Google Playstore. It is a sophisticated app that allows you to make your plans. Using it, you can share your notes, drawings, and blueprints with other professionals. It also comes in handy for recording project progress with photos and field markups. It sports a control function where you can create and send requests for information (RFI) on the app.

  • DEWALT Mobile Pro

This is a calculation and reference tool that has all features you may need. Its reference materials tag along examples and illustrations. It presents hundreds of add-on calculations that make it ideal for different trades.

It stores your history in case you want to see past calculations or share the calculations with other professionals on email. Better yet, you can tailor the app to your specific trade which makes it useful outside construction work. DeWalt Makes power tools with higher PSI to make tedious tasks easy. Their app is as advanced as the tools. 

This is an app for contractors. It helps you manage your construction project from all aspects including safety, quality, documentation, commissioning, and building information management, BIM. It is a cloud-based reporting and collaboration tool. It has advanced tools that teams can use to track the progress and quality of a project. From the dashboard, users can access reports and trends to help better in the management of quality. You can also use pushpins to mark fields that may have issues.

  • Canvas

Canvas allows contractors to perform inspections, estimates, audits, and work orders among others. You can do all that through your mobile device. This way, you do not have to carry around piles of paper. All you need to do is create forms, perform your audits or inspections, and convert the forms to PDF, then share them. The app is available on both Android and iOS.

  • Punch List

A punch list is a checklist that ensur6es all parts of the project go according to plan. This app gives you the features to create a punch list to better audit your project. You can use it for walkthroughs, audits, inspections site walks, insurance claims, and checklists.

You can list all the work you need to carry out on the app, including fixing installations, fixing finishes, and structures. You can also create PDF reports, take and share photos and notes of the project, and do much more. If you need to meet the specs of your project, this app can help you do that.

The app is free to download on iTunes and Playstore.

  • Procore

Procore is a construction project management app. The cloud-based app updates projects details at every stage to make your work easier. From it, you can check and update daily logs, drawings, project specs, inspections, RFIs, deficiency lists, timecards, and a lot more from your mobile device. There is also a camera feature so you can use photos in your reports.

The app has a simple interface so you can start using it within a short time. It will save you hours and help you manage your project better. Check it out on App Store or Google Play. In conclusion, the app you choose will depend on the functionality you need. These free apps will have ads and in-app purchases but not distracting.

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