Zinious Software Corporation (“Z.S.C.”)

was founded in July 2001 by Peter Souza IV.  Zinious Software Corporation is an affiliate partner of the Role-Players Gaming Network, consisting of Z.S.C. and Haelrahv Games.  Some of our projects are joint efforts and some are solely the product of Z.S.C. 

Our projects and solutions include:
Eaxia Online gaming service (see an advertisement at the bottom of this page)
Haelrahv (joint project with Rich Mondy and owned/operated by the Role-Players Gaming Network, Inc.)
Better Memory Meter (a free system tray display for current memory conditions)
drConnect (telnet gaming, retired project)
GoPlay! (free quick login for R.P.G.N. gaming services)
LockDown (free workstation/computer locking solution for Windows 95, 98, and Me)
MM7 Edit (Might & Magic VII saved game editor)
ZDirectoryScanner (details forthcoming)
ZHider (free stealth window hiding program)
ZPakCreator (creates resource PAKs for use with The Wizard©)
ZQuickInfo (free utility for viewing the capabilities of your CPU, hard drives, and more)
ZRelay (gateway server to use The Wizard in Wizard-incompatble compatible games)
ZServerMonitor (details forthcoming)
ZShellServer (a lightweight shell account server for Windows)
AutoHealer script for DragonRealms (almost all versions)
DR Auctions (the two older versions)
drConnect (telnet gaming, retired project)
EverythingDR Yahoo! message group (retired)
Exxy’s DragonRealms Utilities
MSN Zone Remover (retired project)
Ultimate Simutronics Game Entry (based on Jerry Haltom’s D.R.G.E.)
WebConnect play Simutronics and Z.S.C. games using The Wizard© through port 23 (telnet)
WizardPro (retired project)
…and hundreds of scripts, tidbits of advice, and other contributions to the community
www.dr-Connect.com (now defunct)
www.Eaxia.com (an R.P.G.N. website)
www.EQ2X.com (retired website)
www.Haelrahv.com (an R.P.G.N. website)
www.Proxy-World.com (now defunct)
www.Role-players.com (an R.P.G.N. website)
www.StealthGamers.com (now defunct)
www.YayNeopets.com (retired website)
www.Zinious.com (this website, a Z.S.C. website)