10 Must-Have Food Apps for Food Lovers

Mobile applications have taken over the scene in many areas, including the food industry. For chefs and food lovers alike, it has increased access to food from recipes to restaurant reviews. These apps make use of expertly designed software programs for personalized usage.

Several applications exist, and there’s something for each person depending on your preference, whether it’s eating out or cooking, indoor or outdoor restaurants; or food delivery services. They provide more accessible ways to carry out this everyday activity that as sourcing food. We’ll discuss a few of these applications and the benefits of each one below.

Open Table

The Open Table app helps you find restaurants close to you based on the type of cuisine in which they specialize.  It’s impressive because it has coverage of various cities in the United States and across the world. You could go to London for the first time, and through the app, you can find popular seafood restaurants or barbecue places there. More beneficially, it allows you to book tables at its partner restaurants or order your food online.


Urbanspoon intends to help you find the best food and restaurants. Its database contains over one million eateries, including local diners. It’s been featured in popular newspapers and magazines and is liked by lots of people because it also shows the restaurants’ ratings. The Urbanspoon showcases menus and their pictures, and using the map feature, recommends places to eat by proximity and cuisine preference.

Chefs Feed

This app is unique because it provides both dining and drinking guides. In essence, it’s not limited to restaurants, but includes bars, cafés, and even pop-ups. Another different thing is content. It has a blog-like element where you can read feature columns and stories of experiences from chefs. It contains city guides to various food events and allows you to watch videos.

Fork It

Fork It is an app for people who prefer home-cooked meals. You could use it to set cooking goals to keep track of your diet, lose weight,  improve your cooking skills, and even save money. It makes cooking fun and provides an avenue for families to spend time together in the kitchen. It has a game-like feature, and this has been shown to serve as an incentive to meet set goals.


The GrubHub app serves for ordering food and you either pick it up or have it delivered to you. Their database contains one of the largest selections of restaurants, so customers have lots of choices. It shows daily deals and specials, and users earn rewards through its feature called “perks,” including discounts and other rewards so you can avail yourself of a pellet grill. This grill is versatile and easy to use, making it a great choice for those who want to enjoy delicious grilled food without a lot of hassle. It features a wide range of cooking options, so you can easily find the perfect setting for whatever you’re cooking.

Also, GrubHub is appreciated during hot weather because most people avoid cooking to keep their homes comfortable during the summer. It also provides real-time tracking systems to monitor your food until it’s delivered.

Food Network Kitchen

The Food Network app is the virtual home of the network’s TV shows. It’s a gold mine of recipes from favorite chefs for people who’re interested in cooking up a storm. It provides tutorials and online cooking classes on demand. It has an affiliation with Amazon Fresh that lets you order groceries on your ingredient lists and have them delivered to your home. The best part is that it’s free. You can access and save recipes without having to subscribe.

All Recipes Dinner Spinner

This app is a community of over 30 million home cooks who share recipes and kitchen stories. Mostly, it’s a platform where you can share your recipes for others to make without being a professional chef. It allows you to search for recipes using keywords or ingredients, and it sorts them out by preparation time. The All Recipes Dinner Spinner helps you create grocery lists based on recipes you want to prepare. It also allows you to find new kitchen appliances you should have.

No, Wait

No Wait is known as the shortcut to exceptional dining experiences. It helps you check and add your name to a restaurant waiting list from the comfort of your home or on the go. You won’t have to physically wait in line or hang around the building because the app sends you a text notification when your table is ready. However, the app transitioned to the Yelp family in 2017, and in 2019, the company rebranded it as Yelp Waitlist.


All this app requires is setting it up with your nutrition and taste preferences, and you’ll get recommended recipes. Accompanying these step-wise recipes are ingredient lists, video tutorials, and cooking timers. The app provides new recipes every week and allows you to save and organize your favorites. It makes allowance for food allergies and diet restrictions for more personalized suggestions.


Although Yelp isn’t solely a food app, it’s essential to have because it’s mainly for reviews. It means that it’s independent of the restaurants and other reviewed establishments. Therefore, you can believe the information on it to be more trustworthy than direct comments on other apps. It has an extensive directory, containing over 200 million business reviews worldwide. It assists you to discover local and top-rated places, viewing their menus, and even ordering food.